Flash Call - confirmation code in the telephone number

A secure way to authenticate users by retrieving a password through an incoming call

How Flash Call works

The client is requested a test code, within a few seconds his phone receives a call from the number, the last digits of which are the test code. Next, the user enters the code into the authorization window or calls it the seller.


Login to the site, purchase of goods, confirmation of payment, login to a mobile application or any other system that requires verification by users.

Make a call to the user’s phone from + 7 XXX XXX 7832.

The user is verified on the site, in the application or loyalty program, specifying the code 7832


If the user missed the call or did not remember the numbers of the code, then the phone number remains in the missed calls.


This is cheaper than SMS messages with a verification code 4-5 times.

The call is made within a few seconds of the request.

Dialing is carried out around the world, without restrictions.

There is a dial interval setting and a Flash Call “lifetime.”

Where used

Algorithm of operation

The last 4 digits of the number from which the call comes are the code

When a code is requested, the number specified by the client immediately receives a call
During dialing, the client sees the last 4 digits of the number - code
The client enters the received code into the form on the site or in the application
The system receives the code and activates the further use of the service
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