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The service allows you to validate and control the phone numbers of the customer base, in order to eliminate the risk of fraud associated with the substitution of SIM cards.
Tasks of the IMSI service
Technology for verifying the authenticity of each subscriber's SIM cards by checking a unique IMSI code.
The use of IMSI makes it possible to secure the execution of payment transactions: the transfer of passwords, authorization codes, data on the receipt / withdrawal of funds and other similar data via SMS.
Minimizes the possibility of third-party interception and receipt of PIN codes when they are sent by SMS
IMSI–unique identifier
The SIM card that is stored by the mobile operator.
Checking the IMSI allows you to identify:
Attempt to use a duplicate SIM card
Using blocked SIM cards
Substitution of the subscriber's phone number in the customer's accounting system
One solution for all Russian telecom operators
Fast integration (SOAP, REST, SMPP)
Full network and server redundancy
The throughput is 2000 requests per second.
24/7 support
Implementation options
The transmission of the unique identifier (IMSI) of customer SIM cards is available online via the API
11 years
In the communications market
500 millions
Messages per month