Mobile Ads and Targeted Mailings

Advertising tools to attract new consumers and increase sales

Our capabilities allow you to find your target audience among mobile users and are guaranteed to convey information to customers using various communication channels.

Mobile information and advertising. Sending transactional, service and advertising SMS to the customer base.

Mobile advertising allows you to receive and analyze unique data about the activity of the target audience, and at the right time offer them useful information about your product or your service. Unlike all other media channels, Mobile advertising will allow you to conduct highly accurate geotargeted advertising campaigns, highlighting unique segments of the target audience.

Advertising campaigns by segment based on Big Data mobile operators

Big Data Helps

Make ads more targeted

Optimize costs

Check Ad Effectiveness

Test new hypotheses quickly

Analysis of data on the behavior of subscribers online and offline

Metrics: from social characteristics, Internet activity and interests before offline behavior.

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