Mobile Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages that pop up on the screen of your mobile device. It is an effective way to communicate with mobile apps users.

SevenTech is a developer and supplier of the PUSH notifications platform and multi-channel cascade systems for a wide range of companies that actively use their mobile applications to communicate with customers

Platform capabilities

It can save push messages in the In box of the mobile app

This technology allows the user to go directly to a specific section of the mobile app

The push notification platform can send over 2000 messages per second

Advanced statistics is available on sent, delivered and viewed notifications, and on transitions to different sections of an app

You can set a timeout for sending push and SMS depending on the message delivery strategy

You can set the time zone for sending SMS notifications to the app users

Push can be sent after certain actions

Automatically add your customer’s name

Send to selected or popular segments


Compared to SMS

Cost efficiency

It is the most cost-effective way to communicate with a particular user of the customer’s mobile app


You can send any type of content: text, images, videos, sound files, emoji

Using Push in multi-channel cascade chains

Push /VK/ ОК /Viber / SMS

Unified messaging channel. The best way to make your company newsletter more cost effective. Multi-channel strategy helps reach a maximum audience.

A push notification is sent to a user’s phone. If a Push is not delivered within the set timeout, an alternative delivery channel will be used: VK/OK, or Viber and SMS.

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Use Push in cascade chains
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