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Mobile ID
The Mobile ID operator service allows you to log in on the website and in the mobile application by entering only a phone number. Users do not need to remember or enter usernames and passwords.
Mobile ID is the easiest way to log in to websites and apps. You only need two steps to register or log in:

✓ Enter a phone number
✓ Confirm in a reply PUSH message

Visitors no longer need to remember their username and password, which significantly increases the conversion rate of site visits.
Secure access to digital services
Authorization method in
one click
A single solution for user authentication via a mobile operator, implemented on the basis of the international Mobile Connect technology

How does this help the business?
Simplifies and speeds up the registration process
Conversion rate growth when placing online orders by 4 times
Available secure authorization with a PIN code stored on the client's SIM card
Additional features of the service
Confirmation of identity by phone number
The partner's platform can get the user's contact information (phone, email, full name, etc.) for quick registration or execution of commercial orders for goods and services
Authorization by phone number
in one click
Features of the Mobile ID service:
Proof of identity during registration
The service allows you to receive users' contact information: phone, email, full name and other data, for quick registration or execution of commercial orders for goods and services

When registering, the user:

✓ Selects "Register with Mobile ID"

✓ Enters his phone number and confirms registration......in a reply PUSH message

✓ Confirms the transfer of your contact details

✓ The registration form on the website or mobile ......application side is automatically filled in by contact......user data
11 years
In the communications market
500 millions
Messages per month