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RGS Bank launched Mobile Push from SevenTech
SevenTech has become a PUSH service provider for CSG Bank
Since June 1, 2020, CSG Bank has launched a new way of informing its customers using the Mobile Banking application.
Now users of the application can receive notifications about their card transactions using push notifications that are sent via a secure channel. In addition to transactional notifications, the bank plans to send informational and marketing messages to customers.
The supplier of the "PUSH-informing" solution was the company SevenTech, a Russian service provider and developer of mobile information and communication systems with consumers.
"At the beginning of 2020, we decided that we should make the transition from SMS notification to a PUSH notification system. This will allow us to improve the service for users of the mobile banking application, the development of which is a priority. We needed a supplier with expertise and experience in the implementation of mobile information projects. We chose SevenTech," said Igor Mushakov, Director of Information Technology at CSG Bank.
"In 2019, the largest banks began to switch to push notifications, seeing in this service a more convenient and high-quality tool for informing their private customers who are increasingly using mobile banking systems. Also, this method of communication is much cheaper than sending messages via SMS. We are very pleased and important that CSG Bank has chosen our company's solution. We work a lot on various systems of mobile services, and each implemented case encourages us to move on and develop new communication solutions that raise the service of our customers to a new level," says Sergey Kayushkin, CEO of SevenTech.