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SevenTech and the vendor of the Webim chat platform have entered into a strategic partnership
The operator of telematics services "SevenTech" and the Vendor of the chat platform "Webim"
have entered into a strategic partnership to create the best dialogue platform in Russia. The basis of the integrated solution will be the integration of existing business solutions and company products.
The contribution of "SevenTech" is to ensure the delivery of messages to all non-voice communication channels (including Push, Messengers, Social.networks and SMS) with the possibility of using cascading technology.
The contribution of "Webim" is the provision of a specialized user interface for the implementation of two–way dialog communication.
The idea of a single solution is related to the needs of the market and is dictated by the desire of Customer Companies to inform their consumers and customers about new services, promotions and other Company offers in accessible channels, with the possibility of a seamless transition from notifications to dialogues.
With the help of a joint solution, Customers will be able to:
• Develop your customer service and build a personal approach.
• Enrich your own big data and thereby better understand your client.
• Become even closer with your audience and take into account their preferences when communicating.
• Do not waste additional time and money on attracting advertising agencies.
At the heart of the development of a joint solution, the most important factors and the wishes of Customers were taken into account. In particular:
• Presence in all available channels.
• The possibility of omnichannel communication with your consumer.
• Optimization of communication costs.
Both companies are market leaders in their segments and are actively working on the development of communication platforms for all business areas.
Seventech is one of the TOP 5 largest service providers of mobile communication channels.
"Webim" is the market leader in online consulting services, combining customer requests from different channels.
Thanks to cooperation, companies combine their efforts and expertise to create an optimal market solution, while simultaneously working on the development of their platform component.
As a result, the clients of "SevenTech" and "Webim" will get new opportunities from using a single solution, such as:
• Independently organize mass mailings.
• Configure cascading systems.
• Optimize communication costs.
• Provide guaranteed delivery of information.
• Respond to customer requests in a timely manner.
• Monitor the load of the contact center.
• Monitor and receive the necessary reports.