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WhatsApp Business API for Pochta Bank
SevenTech has implemented a communication service for Pochta Bank that allows you to set up personal two-way communications between the bank and its customers - individuals.

The implementation of the service by the bank is related to the issues of increasing customer loyalty through the introduction of convenient interaction tools that improve the quality and speed of service. The main tasks of the service are: the creation of personalized communications aimed at the sale of new banking products, as well as work on the settlement of overdue customer debt.

The service is implemented on the basis of the SevenTech communication and dialogue platform.

WhatsApp has been chosen as the basic communication channel, which allows for a two-way dialogue and is the most popular messenger in Russia and the world. SevenTech, being a partner of WhatsApp in Russia, has allocated and launched an official account of "Pochta Bank". There was also a full integration between the communication platform, WhatsApp account and banking systems.
The advantage of the solution provided by SevenTech is the combination of the functionality of mass WhatsApp mailings and dialog interfaces. This allows you to quickly bring the necessary information to customers, and the specialists of the Bank's contact center to conduct personal communication with them. After receiving the message, the client can initiate and regulate the continuation of the dialogue with the Bank at a convenient time for him. At the same time, both the bank and the client will see the entire history of correspondence passing between them.
The capabilities of the platform allow WhatsApp newsletters to be sent to the bank's customers via the API and LC. This is convenient for mass mailings and point-to-point communication with individual groups/segments or specific customers.
The workplaces of specialists and operators of the contact center are provided by Webim, a strategic partner of SevenTech for the implementation of communication and dialogue solutions.