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SevenTech has connected the mobile subscriber authentication service (Mobile ID).
December 31, 2019 Moscow. Seventech is one of the first service providers in Russia, has put into commercial operation the mobile subscriber authentication service (Mobile ID), provided on the Megafon platform, which is based on the solution of the international mobile identification technology Mobile Connect. The first connected corporate client was an online store Alamode.ru .
"The launch of the Mobile ID service is an important step in the development of the e-commerce, e-commerce and services market. These segments are very active and are in constant growth. The appearance of the mobile authentication service is very timely, as it helps the average user simplify his life by unifying some of the important processes in the ever-increasing volume of online service transactions. Megafon has launched an excellent service and we, as a service provider, are proud that we were among the first to provide such a service to our customers." — said Sergey Kayushkin, CEO of Seventech.
Mobile ID is a service created for convenient and secure authentication of users on Internet platforms. It is intended primarily for online commerce and corporate clients providing services through online communications (for example, banks, medical centers, government. services, etc.). The service is suitable for companies looking for breakthrough solutions, the use of which will increase the convenience and loyalty of their customers; in addition, it will have a positive impact on sales conversion. A simple and fast registration procedure will give site visitors the opportunity to make more transactions and operations.
A site visitor enters the authorization page, clicks on the Mobile ID button and then enters a phone number on a special page, to which a push notification from the operator will be sent to confirm the login. Such a simple procedure requires a minimum of actions from the user, saves time and eliminates the need to remember the username and password.
The push message that is used for the subscriber authentication procedure is sent via a channel that is encrypted with a personal key for each subscriber.
Mobile Connect is an international project to develop a single standard for authentication and identification based on a subscriber number. The project was initiated by the GSMA Association in 2014 and has already attracted more than 100 million users of 70 operators from 38 countries. For the Russian market, this is a new service, the introduction of which is also taking place under the auspices of the GSMA Association. In January 2018, Russian mobile operators MegaFon, MTS, Beeline and Tele2 announced the beginning of joint testing of Mobile Connect technology.