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SevenTech started working in the Republic of Belarus
The SevenTech company is now represented in the Republic of Belarus.
As part of the business development strategy, the shareholders of Seventech acquired the assets of Infobip LLC, operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
The Infobip company was a subsidiary of the international aggregator and provider of mobile solutions Infobip Ltd.
Having completed the transaction, SevenTech LLC received all the current contracts of Infobip LLC.
At the stage of preparation, the companies carried out full technical integration, which made it possible to seamlessly switch all customers to the new Seventech LLC communication platform without any of their participation and costs.
Since March 02, 2022, Infobip LLC (Republic of Belarus) has been renamed Seventech LLC.

At the moment, the Company will focus on servicing current contracts, expanding services and quality of service.
The plans of the SevenTech team include further development of the market of corporate clients of the Republic of Belarus by offering them modern solutions in the field of omnichannel communications based on its platform.

Director of SevenTech LLC Republic of Belarus - Dmitry Kulishenko