Voice AI Platform

Business benefits from our AI dialogue systems

We help solve business problems in marketing, sales, and support using chatbots and voicebots that use natural language to communicate with the consumer. We organize complex communication with consumers/clients on the basis of an interactive AI platform.

Our customers aim at expanding communication with their consumers/clients. Reduce costs, increase the speed and efficiency of interaction through automation.

Al and voice assistants are transforming the business

Automation of communication in natural language

AI platform

To create your own fully automated omni-channel customer experience


Calls per month made by robots in various customer scenarios


Enterprise clients in customer service automation

Outcomes of implementation
of Conversational API

by 2022

Voice communications with customers and consumers will be carried out by robots

Saving on the cost of the first or hotline support for call centers

Bots make employees 55% more efficient

Сотруднику на 55% эффективнее работать вместе с ботом

Automate processing of standardized requests

Consumers won’t even notice that they’re talking to a robot

Потребители не понимают, что говорят с роботом

Precise recognition of client requests

Tasks for dialog AI platform
set by customers

  • Cold sales
  • Customer requests processing
  • Promoting products and services
  • Insurance extensions
  • Special promotion announcements
  • Data verification
  • Automated shortlisting
  • Conducting an initial interview, followed by an invitation to the office
  • Reference information on offers and services
  • Separation and routing of customer requests
  • Presenting of innovations for employees
  • Employee knowledge checks
  • Gamification elements in training
  • Customer verification
  • PreCollect and soft collection
  • Light Collection/Medium Collection /Hard Collection
  • Support for paying customers dealing with broken promises
  • Informing about an upcoming visit
  • Invitation for a meeting in the office
  • Assessment of satisfaction level
  • Collecting customer feedback
  • Participation in various promotional activities
  • Receiving and registering appeals of clients, employees
Customer's goal
Grow profits by increasing the volume of services/products/goods sold
Customer's objectives
Raise consumer awareness of services/products/goods sold
Objectives require increasing costs as the volume, frequency, and speed of communication increase.
SevenTech AI system

Voicebot features

Replaces up to 1,000 operators at once

Makes up to 1 million calls a day

Makes up to 200 calls per second

Reduces call center costs by 2-3 times

Technological framework

We specialize in consulting, development of conversational interfaces, implementation, support and promotion of AI-based conversational systems.

Choose a bot and customize it to your needs, or make your own. We can help you build and integrate it into your business processes.

Machine learning

Based on neural network algorithms to determine identical semantic relations


Speaker recognition


with various communication channels (IM, Social networks, SMS, Cascade)

Advanced visual interface

To build dialogue scenarios/scripts for both text and voicebots, as well as for omnichannel programs

Unique features of voicebots

Component 1

  • Auto detection
  • Streaming speech recognition
  • Natural-language understanding
  • Phrase and sentence comprehension
  • Voice generator
  • Understanding of highly specialized terminology
  • Built-in guides that help to recognize names, cities, and countries

Component 2

  • Concurrent calls configuration
  • New conversation is continued after disruption
  • New conversation is continued after interruption
  • Integration with external systems
  • Call planner

Component 3

  • Gender recognition by voice
  • Neural network with intent identification function
  • Customer emotion recognition that allows to adjust the robot’s behavior to the person’s mood
  • Conversation transfer from call to chat and vice versa

Component 4

  • Switching robot call to contact center operator
  • BOT adaption to a time zone
  • Adjustment of tone, language and manner of conversation
  • Flexible settings by period, number of calls, interval between calls

Component 5

  • Automated script generation
  • Answering machine detection in outgoing calls
  • CRM data availability during a conversation
  • Visual graphical editor for quick dialog generation
  • Personalization
    Personalized voice for each customer

Component 6

  • BOT settings are based on the dialog history
  • Saving dialogs in CRM/Google Sheets.
  • Audio transcription converts audio files into a text
  • Connection of your telephony system
  • Operator panel that allows a human operator to pick up robot dialogs
  • Recording messages for chatbot (using WhatsApp microphone, Telegram, VK)

Management and analytical tools

Graphic interface for creating scripts

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface for creating complex scenarios
  • Editing the ongoing campaign scenarios
  • Automatic verification of the dialing numbers database

Dialog analytics/statistics and analysis tools

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