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Voice AI platform
We help business with the help of dialogs
AI systems
Automation of communication in natural language
AI Platform
To build multi-channel automated communications with the client
60 millions
Calls per month produce work on various client scenarios
Enterprise clients in the field of customer support automation
AI and voice assistants are becoming part of the business

✓ Automated communication services
✓ Dialog assistants
✓ Conversational interfaces
✓ Voice and text chat bots

We help to solve business problems in marketing, sales, support, using voice robots and chatbots that communicate with consumers in natural language. We organize complex communication with consumers/clients on the basis of an interactive AI platform.
The main task of our Customers is to expand communication with their customers/clients. Due to automation, reduce costs, increase the speed and efficiency of interaction.
The results of the introduction of conversational AI
by 2023
Voice communications with customers and consumers will be carried out by robots
Saving the contact center on the 1st support line or hotline.
It is 55% more efficient for an employee to work together with a bot
Automating the processing of standard requests
Consumers do not understand that they are talking to a robot
Accuracy of client request recognition
Tasks for the interactive AI platform on the part of Customers
Cold sales
Processing customer requests
Promotion of products and services
Prolongation of insurance policies
Informing about special promotions
Data verification
Search for suitable candidates in automatic mode
Conducting an initial interview followed by an invitation to the office
Help Desk
Background information on services and services
Separation and routing of customer requests

Staff training
Presentation of innovations for employees
Checking the knowledge of employees
Learning with game elements
Customer verification:
PreCollection/Soft Collection/
Light Collection/Medium Collection /Hard Collection
Support of paying clients
Working with broken promises
Informing about the upcoming visit
Invitation to the company's office
Surveys / Promotions / Support
Assessment of the level of satisfaction
Collecting customer opinions
Participation in various promotions
Reception and registration of customer and employee requests

Targets clients
Increase profits by increasing the volume of services/products/goods sold
Clients tasks
Increase consumer awareness of the services/products/goods sold

Tasks require increased costs, as the volume, frequency and speed of communication increase.
SevenTech's AI system
Voice Robot Capabilities
✓ Replace up to 1000 operators at the same time

✓ Makes up to 1 million or more calls per day

✓ Calls at a rate of up to 200 calls per second

✓ Reduces call center costs by 2-3 times

Technological basis
Our specialization: consulting, development of conversational interfaces, implementation, support and development of dialog systems based on AI technologies.
Artificial reproduction of human speech using Text to Speech (TTS) technology paired with a concatenative model (gluing pre-recorded samples and synthesizing variable parts of the dialogue)
A modern WEB platform for developing robot conversation scenarios based on BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)
Conversation recording system and online reporting module for deep analysis of the conversation process
Multi-level speech recognition ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) using components like Google, Yahoo etc.
Technological basis
Choose a bot and edit it for your tasks or make your own. We will help you create and integrate it into your business processes.
Machine learning based on neural network algorithms for determining semantic identity
Biometrics – speaker identification
Integration with various communication channels (IM, Social networks, SMS, Cascade)
Advanced visual interface for building dialog scripts/scripts for both text and voice bots, as well as for omnichannel programs
Unique capabilities of voice robots
Component 1
Speech stream recognition
Understanding Natural language
Understanding whole phrases and sentences
Own speech synthesis
Understanding highly specialized terminology
Built-in directories for recognizing names, cities, countries
Component 2
Setting up simultaneous calls
Continuation of a new conversation after an interruption
Continuation of a new conversation after interrupting
Integration with external systems
Call Planner
Component 3
Determining the sex of a person by his voice
Neural network for determining the client's intent
Determination of the client's emotions, with the ability to adjust the robot's behavior to the human mood
The ability to transfer from a call to a chat and vice versa
Component 4
Transfer of the robot's call to the contact center operator
Adapting the bot to the time zone
Setting the tone, languages, and manner of conversation
Flexible adjustment by period, number of dial-up, interval between connections
Component 5
Automatic script construction
Recognition of answering machines for outgoing calls
The ability to use CRM data during the dialog
Visual graphic editor for quick creation of dialogs
Individual voice for the client
Component 6
Setting up a bot based on the dialog history
Saving dialogs in CRM/Google Tables.
Transcription - translation of the content of audio files into text format
Connecting your telephony
Operator panel for picking up robot dialogues by a human
Ability to record chat bot messages (using WhatsApp, Telegram, VK microphone)
Management and analysis tools
Graphical interface for creating a script
User-friendly, intuitive interface for creating complex scenarios

Editing scripts during the campaign
Auto-checking of the database of the numbers being called
Analytics/statistics dialog analysis tools

✓ Completed calls
✓ Average conversation duration
✓ Minutes consumption
✓ Unsuccessful calls
✓ The volume of the covered database
✓ Call Result
✓ Start and end time of the call, etc.
11 years
In the communications market
500 millions
Messages per month