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WhatsApp Business API

One of the largest messengers in the world
Communicate with your customers in the most popular messenger in the world using the WhatsApp Business API service.
Advertising messages
Official advertising newsletters in WhatsApp Business API is a new and progressive mobile marketing tool to notify your regular customers about ongoing promotions and events, attract new customers, contact and dialogue with the audience that can bring profit to your business.
Why is WhatsApp mailing a
more effective channel?
✓ More than 90%
They will read your mailings
In other channels up to 20%
✓ More than 30%
They will follow the link
In other channels up to 5%
✓ More than 70%
You will be answered
Messengers are the most interactive communication channel today
✓ Less than 60 seconds
Average reaction time in messengers
In other channels - 90 minutes

Advantages and Opportunities
WhatsApp Business API is a service that will allow you to get closer with your audience
Popularity and effectiveness
71% of Russians use the WhatsApp mobile app daily. The average rate of opening mailings in WhatsApp is 85%
Opportunity and convenience
Messages up to 1000 characters. Support for media files, links, and geotags.
Receive applications and respond to your customers' requests via WhatsApp
Communicate with customers from the official WhatsApp account of the company, not personal accounts of employees
Use WhatsApp business API to inform your customers about new services, promotions and personal offers
Two-way communication
Using the dialog platform, you will be able to conduct a dialogue with each of your clients personally. Send information about orders and transactions
Castomer Profile
Creating a client profile based on the history of correspondence
Medium and Small businesses
15 000
rub in month
The first month is free!
For Corporate clients
30 000
rub in month
The first month is free!
It is formed individually according to the Customer's requirement

The first month is free!
Connection stages
Creating and verifying a profile in facebook manager
Filling out the WhatsApp questionnaire to get a business account

Phone number Phone number verification
Registration of outgoing message templates
Leave a request to connect WhatsApp Business API or write us an email
To connect WhatsApp business API, fill out an application or write to us at info@seven.tech and we will definitely contact you.
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How to use WhatsApp Business API?
We provide a software interface to provide a technology channel in WhatsApp. In order to send and receive messages, you need to get access to our personal account or you can use our API to integrate with any third-party solution.
How long does the WhatsApp Business API registration process take?
Up to 10 working days from the moment of receiving your application and completing all the steps necessary to start registration (get a Facebook Business Manager, verify it)
What includes Whatsapp Business API connections
WhatsApp Number Approval

After determining the tariff, we will send you a form for registration of the number. You will need to fill out information about your company.
Then we send the received information to WhatsApp. Usually during the day we receive a response about its confirmation.
Next, you will need to confirm the request in your Facebook Business Manager account.
After that, we will connect your WhatsApp Business account and it is ready to work.
What is the difference between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business app?
Only one operator can communicate via WhatsApp Business app, either from a phone or from the desktop version of WhatsApp. Any number of operators can communicate via WhatsApp Business API via any chat or bot platform
Why is your WhatsApp not free?
There is no free WhatsApp Business API on the market. You can use WhatsApp Business app for free (only one user can use it)
Which phone number can I connect to the WhatsApp Business API?
Any phone number (landline, mobile, 8 (800)) that can receive an SMS or a call to verify the number
How do I get a green check mark?
You need to be a well-known recognizable brand. If you are one, then you will get a green jackdaw
Can I do mailings via WhatsApp Business API?
Yes, using the WhatsApp Business API, you can send service HSM messages using the subscriber's phone number. Payment is made only for delivered messages.
Can I chat with clients via WhatsApp Business API?
Yes. As soon as the client has written you a message, you can start a dialogue with him. Moreover, a 24-hour window opens from the moment of the client's last message, during which you can send any messages for free
How do paid service messages work?
The message that you will send to the client first or after 24 hours. Outgoing messages must be coordinated with WhatsApp, this guarantees the protection of your number from being banned, because WhatsApp knows what you are sending to customers first. Anything that is not agreed upon will not be sent.
Template approval takes on average 1 week.
The first message and the message after 24 hours after the end of the dialogue are paid. Cost: 4p.
What is a 24-hour window?
After the client has replied to you, you can write to him anything for 24 hours absolutely for free. 24 hours are counted from the client's LAST RESPONSE.
Frequently Asked Questions
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