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Provider and integrator of communication services

We create communication solutions by combining all mobile and digital channels. We help businesses to build communication with their consumers.
About the Company
We specialize in the development and provision of modern solutions in the field of communications and provide their support
We provide a full range of services related to mobile marketing and mobile information services (SMS, Viber, Push, WhatsApp, VK/OK, USSD, etc.).
We develop SaaS and In-House solutions, provide support for our products on the client side.

11 years on the market
500 millions

SMS/PUSH messages per month.

By the volume of SMS/PUSH notifications sent.

Corporate clients from different business areas.

Russian sms aggregators are connected to the SevenTech platform.
At the beginning of 2020, we decided that we should make the transition from SMS notification to a PUSH notification system. This will allow us to improve the service for users of the mobile banking application, the development of which is a priority. We needed a supplier with expertise and experience in the implementation of mobile information projects. We chose SevenTech.
Igor Ushakov, Information Technology Director of RGS Bank
SevenTech Communication Platform
Платформа для эффективного общения со своей аудиторией
We are developing a platform that combines various channels of digital communication with the client (Email, SMS, Push, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, VK, OK, Viber). The platform allows you to collect the client's communication profile, as well as preferred communication channels and communication methods.
High performance and stability of services
The ability to quickly integrate with various information systems
Interaction scenarios
Development of scenarios for interaction with consumers
Communication channels
Support of all digital channels of interaction with the consumer
Reliable data storage and backup
Consolidation of all available data. Real-time statistics
Intelligent traffic monitoring system using more than 2000 parameters
Development and adaptation
Operational connection and integration of new channels for the omnichannel platform, development of new mechanics, analytical reports
Technical support
Technical support 24 / 7 / 365
We are constantly looking for, developing and connecting new channels, solutions for creating effective communications. The modular approach allows us to quickly launch and provide services to our customers.
Our platform is developing and improving in the direction of contextual personalized communications.
Solutions for effective communications
WhatsApp Business API
Using the WhatsApp Business API opens up new opportunities for the best communication with consumers. This will increase the level of trust and help establish long-term relationships with consumers.
Mobile Push
Push notifications are messages that pop up on the screen of a mobile device. An effective way to interact with the user of a mobile application.
Multichannel and cascading mailings
Push / VK / ОК / Viber / SMS

Combined channel for sending messages. An effective way to reduce the cost of mailing.
Maximum audience coverage is provided by building multi-channel scenarios.
Results of 2020
Despite the fact that 2020 turned out to be a difficult year for growth and attracting customers, the active work of the commercial unit and the expansion of the list of products provided by the company led to good results. Revenue for 2020 amounted to over 4 billion rubles.
SevenTech's clients this year were the largest market leaders in their segments: Alfa-Bank, OZON, Rigla, Detsky Mir, VSK, MTS Bank PJSC.
An important stage in the company's development was cooperation with two national systems: the Federal Tax Service of Russia "My Tax" and "Honest Sign".
"My Tax" is a service for registration and work of professional income tax payers (self-employed), "Honest SIGN" is a unified national system of labeling and traceability of goods.
We thank our customers for choosing us and our solutions!
We are glad that we have increased our client portfolio, and our existing clients have strengthened their positions in the market. Our plans include further product, service and customer development.
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