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Сommunication messages to social networks
Get closer to your customers using the most accessible communication channel!
74 million
Active users in the Russian Federation
67 million
Russians use a mobile device to communicate in social networks. networks
1 million
Companies in the world are already communicating with their customers in social networks. networks

Why social networks are a popular channel for business
✓ Social media messages are 5 times cheaper......SMS

✓ Payment only for delivered messages

✓ No connection fees and others ......hidden costs

✓ 2050 characters and characters message length
Features of the mailing service in social networks

Send messages about the status of the order, planned delivery, remind about upcoming events

Add variable information about the recipient's country, city, name and marital status to messages

Conduct a dialogue
Answer the client's questions absolutely free of charge without restrictions on the number of messages and time

Advertise products and services in your personal news feed
Advantages of using social networks compared to SMS
✓ Add an image or video to the message ......(up to 5 pcs)

✓ Book a message with the company logo

✓ Personalize your message text

✓ Add buttons and links to go to the site ......or chat with the company

✓ Text of the 1st message up to 2050 characters
Connection stages
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Register your official group yourself or with the help of our managers

Start using
Sign a contract with our company and start mailing lists in social networks. networks
The cost of mailing lists in VK/OK
Order status
Delivery Information
Reminder of an appointment, meeting
Special offers, discounts, promotions,
New products and services
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0,30 rub.
11 years
In the communications market
500 millions
Messages per month