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for your business
One of the largest messengers in the world
50 millions
Active users in the Russian Federation
40 million
Russians use Viber monthly
Smartphone owners in Russia have installed the Viber app

Why your business needs Viber
✓ Viber messages are more than twice as cheap......SMS

✓ 1000 characters and characters message length

✓ Payment only for delivered messages

✓ No connection fees and others ......hidden costs
Opportunities Viber
Notify your customers about new services, promotions and personal offers

Develop the service
Remind the client about the upcoming event, send media files, conduct surveys

Conduct a dialogue
Answer the client's questions absolutely free of charge without restrictions on the number of messages and time

Increase conversion by advertising products and services to your customer base and potential audience in an accessible channel
The advantage of Viber over SMS
✓ The ability to add your logo, not just ......Name

✓ Branded image

✓ Up to 20 characters in your company Name

✓ Add buttons and links to go to the site ......or chat

✓ Text of the 1st message up to 1000 characters
Connection stages
Leave a request
Fill out the form on our website or contact our manager

Complete verification
Registration of your account in Viber is handled by our managers

Start using
Sign a contract with our company and start mailing lists in Viber
The cost of Viber mailings
Order status
Delivery Information
Feedback and surveys
Special offers, discounts, promotions,
New products and services
Connecting to Viber is free
0,35 rub.
1,45 rub.
11 years
In the communications market
500 millions
Messages per month